Your sister-friend’s party checklist: China, Flatware and Glassware

Tips on getting ready for the next party.

Hey, ya'll. It's me again, Jody's sister Lisa! Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Darn skippy you are -- did you forget to make sure your niece's birthday party has enough chairs for extended family. Six dining room chairs, a footstool and two recliners aren', you know what I mean? Note to self, kittens. Plan [...]

Keeping things fun and simple for your next summer party


Fun, fruity lemonade Start with frozen fruit ice cubes. Freeze some fruit to use as ice cubes in your own simple homemade lemonade. The simple way to make ice cubes out of fruit is to get some old-fashioned ice cube trays (or you can use regular sized muffin tins), fill them ¾ full with water [...]