Your sister-friend’s party checklist: China, Flatware and Glassware

Hey, ya’ll. It’s me again, Jody’s sister Lisa! Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Darn skippy you are — did you forget to make sure your niece’s birthday party has enough chairs for extended family. Six dining room chairs, a footstool and two recliners aren’, you know what I mean?

Note to self, kittens. Plan well, and be prepared!

Tips on getting ready for the next party.


When selecting tables, chairs and linens for your event, consider these options:

  • Will you be seating banquet style in a long row or at round tables?
  • Do you want all guests to be seated so they can see and converse with one another, or are you concerned about space constraints?
  • How many guests will there be and how much square footage will you have?
  • Do you need extra tables for serving buffet style?
  • Do you need a cake table or a gift table? Table for guest books, business cards, or other leave-behinds?
  • Are you planning a romantic, quiet setting with smaller bistro tables or a fun club atmosphere with standing cocktail tables?
  • Is a nice folding black or white chair best for you and your guests? Do you want to upgrade to a padded garden chair in black or white? If a Chiavari chair is in your budget, these are top of the line in comfort and style.  Matching your chairs, tables and linens can be difficult but let a professional like us lend a hand and ease the stress.

Allow those of us at Aladdin Rentals to plan for you and we will make sure to have ample seating and tables for all.

Event Hall Bedford Texas


  • What type and color of linen are you considering? Maybe a solid print as simple as black or white in poly cotton blend, or a subtle satin or a strong Damask is in order for your event.
  • Will it be one linen per table or are we doing an overlay to add eye-candy to the room? How about a table runner which adds color but stays within your budget?
  • Are you going formal and floor length with the linens or is lap length your idea?
  • Adding a dinner napkin can always be a color twist and fashion statements as well. Will you fold them, roll them or design them? We don’t do swan folds here, sorry, but we deliver like great champions, we sure do.

Seamless seating for the masses…

No one thinks about chair sashes in the course of a normal workday (unless you work here at Aladdin Rentals & Events). That’s why I’m here to tell you: it’s time to think about these finishing touches for your next fabulous affair. Are chair covers and a chair sash in your plans for this event? Have you decided  on color and material on these items? Whatever you decide on or cannot decide on you can rest assured we are here to help with any and all plans and ideas. Now let’s go plan an event! Call us for everything you need. 817-282-3902. ~Jody

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